The most popular courses we deliver are:


Here, we look at how you can be brave enough to live and breathe the true meaning of assertiveness, to stand up for your rights while respecting the rights of others.

Coaching for Performance

This course provides you with the skills to coax extra performance out of your staff in their own ways and their own words. Let them succeed and allow yourself to flourish!

Communication Skills

This course cooks up a stir-fry of listening, questioning, influencing and powerful, positive language. Just add your own personality and you will get your message across deeper and faster than ever before!

Customer Service

What does it take for you to play ball with your service providers? This course gets you thinking about both sides of customer service dynamics. We'll include some techniques to help you make sure that both sides stay happy to work with each other over and over again.

Influencing Skills

Imagine being so effective with people that you can get them to do more of what works, while allowing them the creative space to do things their own way. This course looks at the ways you can have that positive effect on the people around you.


Here we take a look at the skills of the best managers and bring them together with the influence and inspiration of the best leaders.

Minute Taking

Learn how to plan and execute your minutes with a system that suits you and your colleagues.

Performance Management

Never mind all the myths about 'managing people out of the business'. This course shows how you can get your staff interested and involved in their own performance. We'll look at how you can monitor, manage and lead while staying the right side of human!

Presentation Skills

This course is about you engaging and enthusing your audience. They'll buy you and your message. You'll enjoy presenting!

Time Management

This course is packed with more tips and techniques to shave minutes off your day and hours off your year. We promise to start and finish on time!

Train the Trainer

This course is a journey. Start by exploring your clients' needs, discover how you put a course together, embrace challenging delegates, engage all styles of learning, install and embed the key learning points. We come to a halt at Evaluation Central. You and your delegates enjoy your training. Your clients enjoy the results of your fun!

We are happy to design and deliver additional courses according to your personal specifications and sense of adventure.

Whether a one-off workshop or a longer-term programme, our interactive courses can be pitched at all levels and learning styles.

If required, we can combine your staff training with a business-focused coaching programme designed to work with each individual delegate. No hiding place from our full attention here!

If you are committed to offering your staff an excellent opportunity for learning, do get in touch with us now.

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